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They should work together so seamlessly that you can't tell where one begins and the other ends.



At DUZ, we believe creative that’s not backed by strong strategy is nothing more than a doodle. Fuse the two and you’ve created a force to be reckoned with. So while we occasionally talk about strategy and creative separately (like here), there is never a working moment when we’re not actively engaged in both.



We refuse to limit ourselves. Been-there-done-that doesn’t mean it should be done again—or that it shouldn't. So we engage in one of our favorite pastimes: Thinking. What is the best way to connect with your audience? Before you see your brand come alive, DUZ is devising well-thought-out strategies that lay the foundation for targeted creative expression. Our strategic capabilities include:

  • Naming and messaging
  • Competitive analysis and brand definition
  • Brand marketing strategy
  • Social media strategy
  • Media planning and buying
  • Partnering on annual marketing plans


Inspiration can come in many forms. Some find it in silence, others at a loud concert. Whether they’re early risers or late-night carousers, our team members have been carefully chosen for their abilities to create unique and meaningful brand experiences. While the end result may be called “creative,” it’s also engineered to get results (see, there’s that strategy sneaking in again). Our creative capabilities include:

  • Identity, branding and brand standards
  • Interactive
  • Print collateral
  • Advertising
  • Direct response
  • Film and video content

the faces of DUZ


Eric Weber

Creative Director/Account Manager

Eric’s fundamental makeup is a mixture of right-brain creativity and left-brain logic. With more than two decades of advertising art direction and marketing experience, he is a firm believer that ideas are the heart of problem solving, regardless of the medium in which they might appear.


Nicki McCracken


After honing her design skills in a variety of environments, Nicki has distilled what she’s learned into one fundamental rule: The simpler, the better. Ever curious and compulsively organized, she shines in her ability to communicate complex ideas and information through simple and intuitive visual solutions.


Amy Jarrard


Amy has more than 18 years of diverse marketing experience. Copy is her forte, but she understands that words and design must work together for truly effective communication. Be it a traditional ad or new media, she’s never met a medium she didn’t love. Or at least consider dating seriously.


Anna Fladmark


Anna makes things beautiful with an ability to leverage her strong conceptual skills on every project she’s a part of. Often it’s her sensible and tasteful touches that turn a project from good to great. Current obsessions include subtle textures, lost type fonts, and all things web design.


Charles Youel


Charles creates idea-centric, media-agnostic marketing strategies and creative solutions that deliver measurable results for consumer, business-to-business, and arts clients. Or, as he puts it, “I make stuff up.” However, that simple statement belies the fact that Charles possesses, and regularly uses, the most extensive vocabulary of anyone at DUZ.


Lynn Purcell


For two decades, Lynn has been creating and developing collateral, digital, naming and identity, advertising, and direct response materials for a variety of clients, both large and small. Her specialty: Identifying simple human truths that can sincerely connect a client’s marketing challenge with their audience’s needs.

Steve DeLorme

Steve DeLorme

Production Manager

Steve brings to DUZ a substantial career in production. With experience at most all agencies in Minneapolis (and with most all vendors, too), Steve can handle pretty much anything we throw his way. He gets the details and we adore him for that most of all! Steve is our resident bronzed god, due to his frequent visits with his dog to friends’ cabins. We’re always not-so-subtly trying to invite ourselves along.

Janelle Bruner

Janelle Bruner

Project Manager

An integral part of every step of the process, Janelle is responsible for the coordination and administration of all our work. In other words, she keeps us honest by making sure we do what we need to do when it needs to get done. Details are her friends and there’s hardly ever one she misses. Much to our occasional dismay.


One of our gang has been licensed to box in the state of MN. And she’s happy to clarify that yes, it was “the glove/punching kind.”

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